ellura 36 mg PAC (30 caps) - Medical-Grade Cranberry Supplement for UTI Prevention - Highest Potency

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  • 36 mg PAC DMAC/A2 (proanthocyanidins) in every capsule and proven to stop UTIs before they start. (PAC is the active ingredient that keeps your urinary tract in check) You are purchasing ellura directly from the manufacturer, Trōphikōs, LLC.
  • Don't confuse ellura 36 mg PAC DMAC/A2 with other "me too" supplements. They may list milligrams of cranberry extract (not PAC) on their labels or they claim to have "PAC" but have not been validated by the internationally recognized DMAC/A2 method.
  • Medical-grade supplement: PAC is extracted from the pure juice concentrate of cranberries. Not in the left over skins, seeds and stems or the whole berry like other supplements.
  • ellura starts working within hours of taking just one capsule - and keeps working to shield you from recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Details: ellura is a powerful medical-grade supplement with 36 mg PAC (proanthocyanidins), the active ingredient that prevents bacteria from attaching to the bladder (called Anti-Adhesion Activity). Recent studies rank ellura #1 in PAC quality and anti-adhesion because the PAC is extracted from the pure juice concentrate of the cranberry. Other supplements are made from the berry itself or leftovers (seeds, stems, etc.) which have very little/less powerful of the necessary ingredient. Only ellura delivers maximum Anti-Adhesion Activity. Think in terms of potency and whether or not your body will absorb the PAC so it can work in the bladder. ellura only contains soluble PAC that your body can use to prevent UTIs. Low cost products are generally made of poor quality insoluble PAC that are not readily absorbed and offer very little protection.

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