Premium Organic Gelatinized Black Maca Root - Max Strength 1000mg Per Serving - Supports Reproductive Health & Energy - Non-GMO

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  • ✅ SUPERIOR QUALITY: Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and Processed in the Peruvian Andes for Freshness that Preserves Vital Nutrients
  • ✅ NUTRIENT DENSE SUPERFOOD: Maca Contains High Levels of Protein, Vitamins and Minerals, and Essential Amino Acids
  • ✅ 100% GELATINIZED BLACK MACA: Gelatinized Maca is Easier to Digest, has a Better Taste, and Won't Cause Bloating, Gas or Upset Stomach, so it's Safe for Sensitive Stomachs
  • ✅SUSTAINABLE & CHARITABLE: Harvested and Processed in Conjunction with an Organization that Creates Sustainable Jobs and Income for Local Farmers, with Some Proceeds Going to Peruvian Charities to Fight Hunger and Homelessness, Especially for Children
  • ✅NEW & IMPROVED: We now pack 180 Capsules per Bottle for Maximum Savings - VALUE PACK!

Details: Do you want to increase your energy and stamina? Is it important for you to take only gluten-free, vegan products that are grown on sustainable farmlands? We hope that both the effective nutrients and the way they are grown and harvested is important to you - because they sure are important to us! We decided to support the local people of Peru who grow 100% pure Maca, the Superfood that is packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids that are vital to abundant health. We started our company, Madre Nature, and paired with an organization that works with local farmers in the Andes Mountains, and our Maca is grown, harvested and processed right there, so it is as fresh as possible to retain peak nutrients. We give back a portion of all sales to Peruvian charities that fight hunger and homelessness, especially for children. We put the same integrity into providing the highest quality Maca available today. This gelatinized Maca capsule is easier to digest, and won't cause bloating, gas or upset stomach. They are easy to take with you for travel or work, and you also get a precise dose every day. With Madre Nature, you always get the very best!

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