MINI-GREEN ENERGY POUCH (3-Pack/Spearmint) - The Organic Energy Product That You Can Use Anytime, Anywhere Without The Jitters And Crashing Of Artificial Energy Products (choose from 5 GREAT FLAVORS)

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  • The healthy organic energy product you've been looking for is finally here! Mini-Green is USDA Certified Organic with 0 Calories and gives you the boost you need without worrying about how artificial ingredients found in other products affect your body.
  • Take control of your energy level! Our green tea chew pouches have as much caffeine as a mild cup of coffee, giving you an energy boost without the jitters and crashes that so many artificial energy products come with.
  • We have athletes who use 3 caffeine chews at once or over several hours, and truckers, doctors, hikers, and soldiers, who use them steadily all day long. Mini-Green gives productive energy without headaches or crashes for long workdays and workouts.
  • Mini-Green is like gum in that it tastes amazing while being small and discrete. Enjoy in your car, at the office, in class, or on the go! Simply throw away the pouch when you're done.
  • Choose between 4 great flavors with our most popular flavor being spearmint. Each order comes with 3 tins that have 12 pouches in each one. Mini-Green has a shelf-life of 2+ years so you don't need to worry about them going bad when you stock up!

Details: Mini-Green Energy Pouches are USDA Certified Organic, zero calories, and come in 4 refreshing flavors: Cinnamon, Spearmint, Citrus and Mixed Berry. M-G Energy is for athletes who train hard on those long runs, short sprints or hours in the gym. Regardless of what you're doing, Mini-Green allows you to control how much or how little energy is appropriate while avoiding the energy spikes and crashes from artificial energy products. We have very high standards for Mini-Green Energy and you can always trust in the following: Organic: Mini-Green Energy pouches are USDA Certified Organic and WADA and NCAA compliant. We source more expensive, organic ingredients instead of cheaper, non-organic ones to deliver a better product to our customers. Taste: We noticed that a lot of energy products either taste bad, or taste obviously artificial. Since people often use more than one pouch during a workout, long ride, tennis match, round of golf, day of skiing, day of fishing or a long drive, we wanted a product where the flavors were clean and fresh without being overwhelmingly sweet. Use Mini-Green Anywhere: If you're going for a run, working out in the gym, snowboarding, playing tennis or golf, or even driving a long distance, you either can't be drinking something on the go to help you maintain energy, or you don't want to be stopping for beverages and bathroom breaks. With Mini-Green Energy pouches, you place them between cheek and gum and enjoy the flavor and caffeine. It's as simple as that. HOW TO USE MINI-GREEN ENERGY POUCHES: Place a Mini-Green Energy Pouch between your cheek and gum. As the pouch gets moist in your mouth, the flavor and the organic ingredients that provide the caffeine are released through the pouch.

Color: Green

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Brand: Mini-Green

Package Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches

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