Brewers Yeast Powder for Lactation - Mommy Knows Best Brewer's Yeast for Breastfeeding Mothers - Mild Nutty Flavored Unsweetened and Debittered - 16 ounces

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  • NUTRITIOUS DIETARY SUPPLEMENT FOR BREASTFEEDING MOTHERS - While our brewer's yeast is debittered with no extra ingredients added, the nature of pure brewers yeast powder will still have some slight notes of bitterness. Brewer's yeast is believed to be a galactagogue, which is a supplement that nursing mothers use to support lactation and make more breast milk
  • BOOSTS ENERGY LEVELS AND COMBATS FATIGUE - The protein, iron, and B vitamins help to combat fatigue and fight off the baby blues, especially if you are taking it as dietary supplement while you're breastfeeding
  • ELEVATES MOOD AND SENSE OF WELL BEING - Research suggests B vitamins and chromium can improve the symptoms of depression which will have a positive impact on your mood
  • FIGHT OFF THE COMMON COLD - Brewer's yeast might help fight bacteria that causes infections in the intestine and improves the body's defenses against viral lung infections, such as the flu and the common cold
  • Certified GMP. Complies with organic agriculture regulations. No additives, no artificial or chemical substances. No contact with allergen products or inorganic additives.


A Nutritious Dietary Supplement for Breastfeeding Mothers

Brewers Yeast has been known as a Super Food for many years due to its highly digestible protein level, key amino acids, minerals, B vitamins, selenium, and chromium; however, it has not been readily available for until now.

MOMMY KNOWS BEST BREWERS YEAST is now available for sale on Amazon.

Brewers Yeast is a highly nutritious dietary supplement that contains protein, iron, B-vitamins, as well as selenium and other trace materials.

Brewers Yeast is believed to be a galactogogue, which is a supplement breastfeeding mothers use to support lactation and make more breast milk. It is commonly used by breastfeeding moms to help boost milk supply. It has been used for generations for milk production as well as an array of additional health benefits.

It comes from a fungus called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is used for baking, brewing beer, and making wine, because of its ability to increase energy levels and elevate mood.

Mommy Knows Best Brewers Yeast for Lactation is derived from the fermentation of beer. When yeast makes alcohol during the fermentation of beer, it eats and metabolized carbohydrates and makes key amino acids with the yeast cell along with other key vitamins. After the beer is made, the leftover yeast is cleaned, dried, and is in the form of dried brewer's yeast. There is another form of yeast called Nutritional Yeast which is manufactured and is derived from the yeast eating molasses, but it doesn't have the full benefits like Brewer's yeast.

Benefits include:

Boosts energy levels and combats fatigue

Helps to lower blood sugar levels

Elevates mood and sense of well being

Nourishes the skin and hair

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