BRI L-Theanine 200mg Supplement Enhanced with 100mg Inositol for Relaxation, Anxiety and Stress Relief, Restful Sleep and Mood Boost (120 Count)

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  • WHY US: We looked at all other Theanine supplements on the market and were surprised by the low capsule count or the use of gelatin (dead cow), yuck! We decided we should source the strongest ingredients at clinical strength and sell them at a reasonable price. Our L-theanine is an all-natural amino acid - found in green and black tea - which creates a calm feeling of energy and alertness without any jitters or side effects.
  • DEEP, LASTING FOCUS: - Take along with caffeine to beat back distractions, concentrate better, and sharpen your senses for a productivity and focus that lasts for hours without the inevitable crash. RELIEVE STRESS & ANXIETY - Reduce your mental, physical stress and improve your mood with this all-natural cognitive enhancer. SHARPEN YOUR MEMORY - Absorb new information and skills quickly and easily, improve your memory and upgrade your brain with this simple, safe, all-natural supplement.
  • PURITY: 100% safe and natural. No fillers or artificial ingredients. We use only the very best, scientifically-tested ingredients, all of which are manufactured in our US, FDA-inspected, state-of-the-art, facility, with strict adherence to good manufacturing practices. Every batch is third party tested to ensure that we only utilize ingredients that are safe and pure. OUR GUARANTEE: We're very confident that you'll love this product that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • COMMON NAMES: L-Theanine can be misspelled in numerous ways. You may see some of these around: ltheanine, lthenine, lthianine, tehanine, thiamine, threonine, theonine, thianine, theanin. You shouldn't confuse it as well with other supplements such as tryptophan, tyrosine magnesium, relora, cdp-choline, citicoline, taurine, 5-HTP or others.
  • SHARE: Consider ordering one bottle for yourself and another for a friend or loved one. Keep each other motivated and reach your goals together and more quickly. BRI Nutrition stands by every quality product they make. We manufacture only premium and extra pure but high potency vitamins, capsules, pills, tablets, powders, multivitamins, supplements, topical creams, liquids, serums, vegan foods, and natural organic-based extracts for men, women, and children. Check BRINutrition out today!

Details: An overall improvement in energy and of well being. Be Alert And Stay Focused Without The Crash: Have you ever wished you could achieve the same focus you have when you're energized and ""in the zone"" without having to resort to energy drinks or huge cups of coffee? L-Theanine is a amino acid recognized to promote just such a feeling, so we created a pure L-Theanine supplement that gives you nothing but the most pure form of this focus activator. You normally find L-Theanine in green and black tea, but at lower doses as well as the potential side effects of caffeine. Most other capsules we found on the market were not only lower in dosage but contained gelatin, which is an animal by product. Our all-veggie capsules are manufactured right here in the US in our state-of-the-art, FDA-inspected facility, and we verify the ingredients to guarantee the utmost quality. Plus, we back all our products with a 60-day, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. It's our way of ensuring you achieve just the feeling you're looking for.

Brand: BRI Nutrition

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches

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