Disposable Plastic Vaginal Suppository Applicators: Individually Wrapped Suppository Applicator for Women - Fits Most Boric Acid Suppositories, Pills, Tablets and Size 0 and 00 Capsules - 28 Pack

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  • FEMININE HEALTH: Ideal for yeast infection treatment, maintaining proper pH balance and more
  • SAFE & HYGIENIC: Each single use inserter is individually wrapped to be sterile and ready to use
  • FOR ANY BRAND: The tubes fit most suppositories, pills, or tablets, including size 0 and 00 capsules
  • EASY TO USE: Our applicator’s sleek design and smooth plunger ensure a gentle, comfortable insertion
  • HIGH QUALITY: NewLife Naturals vaginal suppository and pill inserters are proudly made in the USA

Details: FEMININE HEALTH Ladies, taking care of your feminine health is extremely important. When you’re struggling with a pH imbalance, dryness, yeast infection or vaginitis, these vaginal suppository applicators from NewLife Naturals are here to help! Use them along with your prescribed or over-the-counter suppositories, pills, tablets, or capsules to get targeted, fast-acting relief for any condition affecting the vagina. They’re everything you want in an applicator - fast, efficient and easy to use! SAFE & HYGIENIC Reusable applicators are a pain to clean and can easily allow germs and bacteria to build up and cause infections. NewLife Naturals single-use vaginal suppository applicators are easily disposable and help you administer suppositories, pills and tablets safely and hygienically. Each plastic applicator in this 28 pack comes individually wrapped to remain sterile and ready to use at home or on the go. FOR ANY BRAND Our disposa ble suppository applicators are versatile enough to fit many different shapes and sizes of medication. The tubes fit most brands of suppositories, pills, and tablets, including boric acid pills and suppositories and size 0 and 00 capsules. EASY TO USE The applicators are easy to use for women of all ages and for those who have never used one before. The sleek body of the applicator contains no sharp edges for a comfortable insertion, and the plunger quickly yet gently administers medication. Remember to apply a little bit of water or lubricant to the applicator to help with insertion. HIGH QUALITY NewLife Naturals vaginal suppository applicators are proudly made in the USA to meet high safety standards. With their disposable design and high-quality plastic parts, you’ll never have to use reuse applicators and run the risk of infection or settle for poorly made products that can break or malfunction. Get your pack today and get back to go od feminine health!

Brand: NewLife Naturals

Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 4.2 x 2.1 inches