Everyday Medical Abdominal Binder Post Surgery - with Bamboo Charcoal Accelerate Healing and Reduce Swelling After C-Section, Abdomen Surgeries, Tummy Tuck, Bladder & Gastric Bypass Belly Girdle

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  • POST SURGERY ABDOMINAL BINDER - RECOVERY BELT SIZE XSMALL fits an Abdominal Circumference of 24-30 Inches. Must Measure around your tummy not around your Waist *Refer to the Size Chart in the images section The Everyday Medical postoperative abdominal binder is ideal for men and women who have just had surgery around the abdomen. This recovery support binder uses compression to accelerate healing and reduce swelling and discomfort to the surgery site.
  • BAMBOO FIBER TECHNOLOGY - Enjoy the many advantages of premium bamboo technology compression around the affected area Bamboo fiber technology increases blood circulation, leading to a faster recovery time. Highly sweat absorbent, the odor free and anti-bacterial bamboo material pulls moisture from the skin for evaporation and wicks away moisture better than cotton does.
  • VERSATILE ABDOMINAL BINDER – This medical abdominal binder can be worn after any vaginal or abdominal surgery to reduce pain and accelerate healing around your midsection. Works as a post op abdominal binder for laparotomy, hysterectomy, nephrectomy, and bariatric surgical procedures, helping you to heal faster from a host of abdomen related surgeries. It also protects the incision site and increases blood flow and oxygen to the area, speeding up recovery time.
  • SOFT ENOUGH TO WEAR ON BARE SKIN – Due to the bamboo fibers - The inner side of our low abdominal binder is so soft and comfortable that it can be worn against the bare skin without irritating or causing itching and discomfort. The longer you wear it the faster your body will heal. Moreover, your skin will stay dry and cool.
  • DISCREET DESIGN – Due to its form-fitting slimline design, you can wear our universal abdominal binder under your clothes without worrying that someone might see it. Made with an extra strong Velcro closure in the front to ensure a smooth and adjustable fit without any bumps or bulges. Get back to being comfortable in no time! Our post surgery girdle comes in 5 Sizes. Great gift for friends and family to uplift their day.


Wearing compression garments after your surgery increases blood flow to promote recovery and provide an even compression. This lower abdominal binder from Everyday Medical provides optimal support for the lower abdomen and the back following abdominal surgery or childbirth. 

Constructed using Bamboo Charcoal fibers -  this binder offers superior comfort and breathability. It absorbs sweat and keeps your skin cool and dry throughout the day. In doing so, it helps prevent bacterial infections and other complications that might affect the incision site. 

Why You Need This Binder

This abdominal binder for women and men is very versatile and can be used for a variety of symptoms and ailments, including hernia, abdominal muscle strain, bladder problems, obesity-related discomfort, and lower back pain. It also aids in recovery following c-section and vaginal childbirth, as well as all surgical procedures that involve incisions, including:

- appendicitis

- abdominoplasty

- hysterectomy

- gastric bypass

- bariatric surgery

- ovarian cystectomy

- liposuction

- nephrectomy

 Benefits of Wearing This Binder

This excellent surgery recovery belt provides compression to the midriff and promotes healing of incision wounds. It boosts blood circulation to reduce bloating, swelling, and inflammation in the affected area, thus helping to speed up the recovery process and prevent complications. This post operative abdominal binder also holds in excess belly fat to provide an instant slimming effect.

Care Instructions:

Clean your post surgical abdominal binder regularly to remove stains and prevent infections. Hand wash in cold water and use mild soap if necessary. Also, make sure to fasten the Velcro closure beforehand. Do not machine wash or tumble dry the binder, or risk damaging it. Lay it flat to air dry.

Color: Black

Brand: Everyday Medical

Package Dimensions: 13.5 x 9.0 x 0.8 inches

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