Keto BHB Salts Exogenous Ketones - Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Supplement Powder & Vitamin B12 for Mental Clarity, Energy and Fat Burn - Orange Mango KEYTO by Preferred Elements

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  • ✅GET IN KETOSIS FAST: KEYTO+B12 BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate ) exogenous ketones complex is designed to help you reach ketosis faster and effortlessly, avoid keto flu when you start ketogenic diet and let you back into ketosis after consuming extra carbs. KEYTO+B12 raises blood ketones levels to support mental clarify and focus, sport endurance and sustained energy to fuel your fitness and personal goals.
  • ✅ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR PERFECT TASTE: KEYTO+B12 keto drink has ZERO carbs, ZERO sugar, ZERO fillers, no GMO or any other harmful staff you can easily find in other keto supplements. KEYTO+B12 contains patented goBHB complex with 11.7g of BHB Salts delivering three most important electrolytes – sodium, magnesium and calcium minerals. Vitamins B12 and Vitamin C will help to enhance and prolong desired results.
  • ✅ADD, SHAKE & GO: Mix our keto powder with water, coffee, shakes, smoothies, coconut milk or other cold beverages and enjoy it with no unpleasant aftertaste you may have experienced with other ketone supplements that use fillers and artificial ingredients. You can use test strips to see instant results!
  • ✅SKYROCKET YOUR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCES: When your body uses ketones for fuel, it gives you better energy and power that cannot be compared to energy that you get from carbs. This makes KEYTO+B12 a perfect keto supplement to use for preworkout routines. Take it 30 minutes before your workout and get the drive you always wanted.
  • ✅TRY THIS BHB SALTS SUPPLEMENT RISK FREE: KEYTO+B12 BHB Salts ketones supplement is backed by our 60 day satisfaction guarantee policy. That how confident we are in your success with KEYTO! If it’s not working out for you for any reason, just send it back for full refund. And if you have any questions please feel free to contact us and experience world-class customer service.


Join the Lifestyle & Find the New You with Preferred Elements Keto BHB Salt Supplements!

Remember all those ineffective and starving to death diets? Remember those frighteningly huge "magic pills"? Remember feeling under the weather and tired all the time? Nodding right?

If you are considering a ketogenic or another low carb diet, you are on the right track, congrats! But adapting to and staying in ketosis can be challenging... Well, prepare yourself, you are about to forget all of the above with the KEYTO+B12 Keto BHB Performance Complex. Whether you are just starting on keto and you want to get into ketosis faster, already in ketosis, or you want to improve your results in gym, KEYTO+B12 BHB Salts will do the trick. With all natural ingredients and vitamins, our powder supplement is a perfect solution for your goals. It uses patented BHB performance complex (goBHB) that contains exogenous ketones used by your body to convert fat into energy. On top of it, our formula contains Vitamin B12 to compliment the benefits of BHB Salts and enhance the end results. More benefits! More smiles! B12 is known to promote better focus, improve cognitive functions and productivity, compensate for that lost energy and boost mental clarity. Enjoy this BHB Salts supplement either as pre workout drink, with or without a meal, make a smoothie, a power balance shake or a ketosis booster drink. Keep your body and mind powered up all day long, it's keto and paleo friendly!

If you are a...

· Sports fan or Professional athlete

· Busy professional

· Fitness enthusiast

· Keto dieter

· Bodybuilder or weightlifter

· Someone who wants to stay healthy and fit

Then KEYTO+B12 Keto BHB Salts Supplement is The Way To Go! What are you waiting for? Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now!

Color: Orange Mango

Brand: Preferred Elements

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches

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