Organic Ceylon Cinnamon (100% Certified) Supplement, 90 Capsules by Ceylon Cinnamon Shop

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  • CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC CEYLON: Independent verification, by TRU-ID, provides assurance that our products contain 100% Ceylon cinnamon. Several types of Cassia, including Chinese, Saigon and Korintje are often mislabeled as the more expensive Ceylon cinnamon.
  • CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC: Independent verification, by Organic Certifiers, provides assurance that our products contain greater than 95% certified USDA organic ingredients.
  • VERIFIED NON-GMO: Independent verification, by Non-GMO Project, provides assurance that our products contain naturally grown cinnamon that has not been genetically modified.
  • CERTIFIED FAIRTRADE: Independent verification, by Fairtrade USA, provides assurance that our products contain ethically sourced and sustainably grown cinnamon from Fairtrade farms.
  • VERIFIED SAFE COUMARIN LEVELS: Independent verification, by Eurofins, provides assurance that our products contain virtually no coumarin (<0.003%). Coumarin is a natural plant compound that can be harmful to the liver in high concentrations. Pure Ceylon cinnamon contains almost no coumarin, but Cassia cinnamon may contain high levels.

Details: Benefit from the finest quality Ceylon cinnamon supplement available. Ceylon Cinnamon Shop products contain Cinnamomum verum tree bark from Sri Lanka's Central Province. This mountainous region is believed to be where "True" cinnamon originated. Premium Ceylon consists of the thin, light colored, inner layer of bark found beneath the darker outer layer. The inner bark has a tan color, citrusy aroma, and mild flavor. More common varieties of cinnamon like Saigon, Chinese, and Korintje are darker brown and have a stronger flavor. Ceylon Cinnamon Shop supplements are certified organic, certified authentic, certified non-GMO, certified Fairtrade, gluten-free, non-irradiated, 100% vegetarian/vegan and manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered and CGMP compliant facility. Each full capsule contains 500 mg of premium cinnamon bark powder. The suggested serving size is 2 capsules (1,000 mg per serving).

Brand: Ceylon Cinnamon Shop

Package Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches