Prenatal Vitamin Supplement Shake - Baby Booster Tahitian Vanilla - 1lb bag - OBGYN Approved - All Natural - Tastes Great - Vegetarian DHA - High Protein - Folic Acid - B6 - Great for Morning Sickness

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  • Milk soluble
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy free
  • 16 oz

Details: Baby Booster helps take the worry out of what you’re eating. You are your baby’s hero and what you choose to eat provides the best start. Our Baby Booster mommas know that natural is a good thing and when it comes to providing the best for their growing baby, they prefer the all natural ingredients found in Baby Booster. When you use Baby Booster as part of your daily diet, you can rest assured you and your baby are getting the nutrients you need, the protein and DHA critical for fetal growth, and none of the harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients found in other supplements. Our primary goal is to provide our mommas with a safe, quality product that tastes great and meets OB/GYN nutritional recommendations. Our Tahitian Vanilla flavor is all natural and boasts a delicious vanilla flavor that will remind you of a perfect vanilla milkshake! - NON GMO - Soy Free - Gluten Free - Free of Preservatives - Free of Artificial Sweeteners Our high protein, low carb formula is developed by an OB/GYN and offers the crucial ingredient called DHA that is essential throughout your entire pregnancy for baby’s brain development. According to, when momma gets the proper amount of protein, baby is more likely to have a healthier birth weight than mommas who don’t get enough. A healthy birth weight lowers the chance of infection, jaundice, and respiratory issues. Protein also helps to build new cells (important when baby is growing!) and is responsible for so many functions in baby’s development. Baby Booster offers 20 grams of protein per serving which is a great source of protein especially when you drink it twice a day. Many Baby Booster mommas drink it first thing as part of their breakfast and then again as a late afternoon snack. Since Baby Booster tastes great, it also serves a a nutritious way to quench those sweet pregnancy cravings! DHA is an essential element to baby’s growth. DHA promotes proper brain and eye development which is essential throughout your entire pregnancy, but especially during the last trimester when baby is rapidly growing. Many products that contain DHA has DHA sourced from fish. Expectant mommas are advised by their doctor to limit fish intake due to the possible high mercury levels and other oceanic pollutants often times found in fish. Fish derived DHA doesn’t meet our standards for a safe and healthy product for expectant moms. Baby Booster’s DHA is a VEGETARIAN based DHA called life’sDHA®, which is the industry’s leading provider. life’sDHA® is the trusted source for the vast majority of DHA in infant formulas in the United States. life’sDHA® is produced in an FDA-inspected facility under current Good Manufacturing Practices in a controlled environment from start to finish. You know you are getting the BEST source of DHA possible without the risk of harmful pollutants that are found in fish derived DHA. Caffeine free

Brand: Baby Booster

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