Rootcha High Potency Magnesium Zinc Complex – Sleep, Recovery, Immune Support (120ct)

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  • Natural Sleep Aid. | Contains gentle and bioavailable magnesium citrate to promote deep restorative sleep and relaxation, without grogginess. | Promotes better sleep quality by supporting healthy levels of the neurotransmitter GABA. | To maximize the benefits of this natural sleep aid, try 2 capsules before sleep. | Naturally supports mood by helping to maintain healthy serotonin levels. | Promotes relaxation by helping to suppress the release of excess stress hormones like cortisol.*
  • Boost your Immune System. | Contains bioavailable and potent Zinc formulation for effective immune system support. | Maintains and supports the activity of key immune cells like infection-fighting T-lymphocyte cells, neutrophils, NK cells, and macrophages. | Formulated to support your immune health, long-term. | Works best as an immune booster when taken daily in 1-2 capsule servings sizes (5-10mg of elemental zinc).*
  • Optimize Muscle Recovery and Repair. | Supports Aerobic Performance. | Magnesium and Zinc work together to Repair and Maintain Lean Muscle Mass and Reduce Inflammation. | Promotes Glucose Utilization, helps to improve Blood Oxidation, and Prevent Lactic Acid Build-Up during exercise. | Helps to maintain healthy energy levels at a cellular level naturally without stimulants. | Promotes collagen synthesis, DNA and RNA Repair. | Supports healthy muscle and nerve function, including the heart. *
  • Don’t Compromise, Discover the Difference.| Highly bioavailable Magnesium and Zinc Complex provides truly essential minerals in potent, but responsible serving sizes without harmful or suspect additives like magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, or parabens. | We’re rethinking multivitamins. Targeted and synergistic formulas means we can give you effective serving sizes, in forms that are both gentle and easy to absorb, without the harmful extras.
  • Our Commitment to Transparency and Purity | We third party test every single batch for both purity and label accuracy and publish each certificate of analysis so you can look beyond the label and know what’s in your bottle. | Manufactured without harmful or suspect additives. | Non-GMO / Gluten Free / Soy Free / Dairy Free / Vegan.

Details: Rootcha's Essential Minerals High Potency Magnesium and Zinc Complex contains magnesium bonded to citric acid (Magnesium Citrate), and zinc chelated to picolinic amino acids (Zinc Picolinate), processes that optimize absorption in the body. Natural Sleep Aid, Immune System Booster, Muscle Recovery and Repair.

UPC: 602573258781

EAN: 0602573258781

Brand: Rootcha

Package Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.8 x 2.7 inches

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